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  • Immersion Tin PCB - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing ...Explore further

    2021-11-14u2002·u2002Immerstion Tin PCB is printed circuit board plating tin, is different process from hot air solder leveling ( HASL ), Some engineers like to say immersion tin as white tin. Rayming manufacture immersion tin thickness 0.8-1.5μm, If you need immersion tin pcb, Pls send pcb to [email protected] The surface treatment immersion tin in PCB is specially designed to facilitate SMT and chip packaging ...

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  • PCB Surface Finish Types & Comparison

    Immersion Tin. Immersion Tin (ISn) is applied directly to the base metal of a PCB via chemical displacement. It's a more affordable option than ENIG and Immersion Silver, and it is also RoHS-compliant. A typical thickness for Immersion Tin is 20-50u'. Due to the way tin and copper interact, they eventually diffuse into one another.

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  • PCB surface treatment

    2020-8-22u2002·u2002The immersion tin process can form a flat copper-tin intermetallic compound. This property makes the immersion tin have the same good solderability as the hot air leveling without the hot air ...

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  • Your Complete Guide to PCB Plating and Surface Finishes

    The 9 Different PCB Surface Finishes. ENIG is the most popular option and is used on about 80% of all PWBs. This finish provides a thin, gold, solderable layer that protects the copper traces with a nickel barrier between it and the copper. ENIG is a good lead-free option that results in a …

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  • Printed Circuit Board Surface Finishes - Advantages and ...

    Tin Whiskers; Not Good for Multiple Reflow/Assembly Processes; Difficult to Measure Thickness; Immersion Silver. Immersion silver is a non-electrolytic chemical finish applied by immersing the copper PCB into a tank of silver ions. It is a good choice finish for circuit boards with EMI shieldingand is also used for dome contacts and wire bonding.

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  • PCB Surface Finishes & Cost Effective Pb Free Assembly ...

    2014-3-27u2002·u2002COST Largest Process Window Reliable, Robust End product Multiple Reflows Many Stake Holders Easiest for PCB Manufacturer to produce with high yield The best surface finish for your application is the one that considers the impact to all functions and …

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  • PCB Surface Finishes Comparison: HASL, OSP, & ENIG

    2021-11-13u2002·u2002PCB Surface Finishes Comparison: HASL, OSP, & ENIG. Tweet. A PCB surface finish is a coating between a component and a bare board PCB. It is applied for two basic reasons: to ensure solderability, and to protect exposed copper circuitry. As there are many types of surface finishes, selecting the right one is no easy task, especially as surface ...

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  • An Overview of Immersion Gold ENIG Surface Finish for

    2017-6-20u2002·u2002It provides good adhesion and is well-known for its electrical testability as well. Immersion gold provides good plating around the holes in the circuit board. The gold plating is gold wire bondable, and can be soldered easily. ENIG surface finish is best for fine pitch products because the tracks or pads are square-edged and flat.

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  • Considerations for Selecting a PCB Surface Finish

    2017-10-8u2002·u2002Immersion Sn (ImSn) A single material system Specified by IPC-4554 Standard thickness: 1 micron (40 microinches) Some companies spec up to 1.5 microns (65 microinches) Benefits Excellent flatness, low cost Not as popular a choice with PCB fabricators. Environmental and health concerns regarding thiourea (a known carcinogen)

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